These are attended on a participation-only basis by delegates with particular expertise in the particular subject under discussion. Notice of future workshops is published in the BPG Newsletter. A list of previous workshops (the published reports from many of these can be found in the Publications section) of this website) is shown below:

Date Workshop Organiser Venue
2019 Photodiagnostic Services Prof S Ibbotson London
2009 UVA1 phototherapy Dr Sarkany and Prof Ferguson London
2002 TL01 Phototherapy Dr S Ibbotson Dundee
2001 Photopheresis Dr K McKenna & Dr S Whittaker Belfast
2000 Topical photodynamic therapy Dr L Rhodes & Dr C Morton Manchester
1999 Actinic keratoses Dr J McGregor London
1998 UVB dosimetry Dr D Taylor & Dr A Anstey London
1997 Topical PUVA Dr L Rhodes Liverpool
1996 Home Phototherapy Dr P Norris Cambridge
1996 TL01 Phototherapy Dr J Ferguson Dundee
1995 Photopatch testing Dr P Farr Newcastle Upon Tyne
1994 Porphyria Dr G Murphy Dublin
1993 In vitro drug phototoxicity testing Dr Lovell Bedford
1992 Guidelines for PUVA Dr J Hawk Egham
1991 Diagnostic phototesting Dr J Ferguson St Andrew's Tayside
1989 Sunbeds Dr B Diffey Newcastle Upon Tyne